Which Ring Goes on First? Your Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring?

There are many important milestones in anyone’s life. Two of them are engagements and weddings.

Most women will receive an engagement ring and a wedding ring. These two rings uphold not only the promise between a couple, but important traditions of our society.

When wearing the rings, there are many who ask this question – which ring goes in your finger first? The engagement ring or the wedding ring?

The Rings and Tradition

You first receive the engagement ring as a promise of marriage. The wedding ring is received during the wedding ceremony as an actualization of the promise.

But when putting it on, after both traditional milestones have been completed, the order in which you arrange the rings on your finger can be confusing. Some women may choose to overlook what customary practices dictate, but to some, it is important to follow traditions down to the letter.

Here are some traditional practices:

  • Wedding Day – the bride is supposed to move the engagement ring on the ring (third) finger of the right hand. The wedding ring will then be placed on the third finger of the left hand during the ceremony. This tradition dates back to ancient Egypt and they believed that the vein in that finger is connected directly to the heart.
  • Traditions related to wearing the Engagement Ring – after the wedding day, the engagement ring is supposed to be moved back to the ring finger of the left hand after the wedding band which is supposed to remain closest to the heart.
  • Some couples choose to weld the rings together.
  • Some women remove the engagement ring altogether and wears the wedding band in the third finger of the left hand.

Should You Remain Traditional or Consider Modern Practices

If you want to follow customs and traditions that’s totally fine. Of you want to ignore customary practice, that’s totally fine as well.

What is important is that the rings, no matter where they are placed, remind the wearer of the commitment she entered with the man she swore to love for the rest of her life.

The rings should be comfortable and sized properly.

These rings, both engagement and wedding rings, should be treated with care and respect. They are after all, symbols of a lifelong commitment and love.

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Engagement Rings

Traditional engagement rings feature a diamond setting. Nowadays, gems are acceptable on an engagement ring. There is no specific guideline to follow when choosing a particular engagement ring. Ideally, it’s the thought that matters, it’s the promise that should be first considered, but we also want to impress the woman we propose to. That is why we consider so many facets of an engagement ring.

Wedding Bands

Back in the day, custom dictates that the bride and groom should have matching wedding bands. Same material and same design.

But there are many trailblazing couples who are choosing to customize their wedding rings.

From the traditional gold wedding bands to platinum to having jeweler design specific women diamond wedding bands, the options are endless.

In a nutshell, there are no set rules that define what a ring should be made of, how it should look or in what order you should wear them. It is the couples’ choice to either stick with tradition or change things up a bit.



Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Why diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend? Sure, every woman wants diamonds or add diamonds to their jewelry collection. If she takes care of a diamond, it can make a whole lot of difference than just being a previous stone.

Men go through a lot of trouble looking for beautiful diamond engagement rings for women or a 1carat diamond ring to impress them and promise to marry them. However, why is it diamonds in particular and not, say for example rubies or pearls?

Diamond Engagement Rings Symbolize Love’s Promise

Men are fortunate that there are plenty of merchants who offer engagement ring Dallas. From diamond princess cut engagement ring to cushion cut engagement rings, Dallas diamond jewelers are cutting precious stones one after another to offer a wide variety of rings to please every woman proposed to.

Engagement rings for women are usually designed with a diamond or several diamonds set in a gold band. There are many designs and themes available. Cute are also an important factor in choosing an engagement ring Dallas.

Popular diamond cuts for engagement rings:

  • Diamond princess cut
  • Cushion cut engagement rings
  • Oval engagement rings
  • Emerald cut engagement rings

A Diamond is Forever

If diamonds last forever, an engagement ring for women mean, the promise is also forever. Women love diamonds because of what it symbolizes and mean.

Diamond engagement rings are advertised as dreams come true for women and in many cases, this is true. Finding Mr. Right does not end in dating, it is supposed to end with him going down on one knee, pulling out a ginormous diamond ring, asking you to marry him. The final scene is the two of you smiling as you walk out of a church arm in arm with everyone cheering for your marriage.

Cliche. But it’s true that we all want that even if we don’t admit it.

Diamonds are Reminders of Special Moments

Sure, it is going to look materialistic if a woman loves her diamonds so much. However, what! Any overlook is that, these precious stones remind girls of special moments in their life when they received diamonds.

Moreover, they make great heirlooms for the next generation. They are part of a legacy a mother leaves to her children or grandchildren.

A Diamond’s Value does not diminish

A diamond is valuable. It will keep getting! Ore valuable as they grow older as long as they are taken good care of.

It is a great investment because it is portable and can be liquidated quickly. Women of different eras collect jewelry because it can ensure their survival, as well as their children in case their husband dies or leaves them.

Diamonds empower women in many ways. It does not make a woman materialistic. These precious stones are friends girls can rely on when the times are tough. They are rich in history and stories.

Yes, not all that glitters is gold, but you can trust that diamonds are forever.

9 Fascinating Trivia about Diamonds

Loose diamonds or those set diamond rings, gemstone diamonds or the precious stones, as we like to call it, are an item in the market whose value and demand never wane. Despite financial crisis here and there, fancy diamonds and diamonds seem to always be a best-selling item for both men and women.

We mentioned loose diamonds, so we might as well explain what it means.

When someone says ‘loose diamonds,’ they are referring to cut and polished diamonds. They are what rough diamonds turn into when they are about to set in a ring, earring, bracelet or any piece of jewelry.

There are folks who buy loose wholesale diamonds in Dallas because they treat them as investment.

So what makes a diamond so special?

Here are some fascinating trivia about the precious stone:

  1. Diamonds are graded according to 4 C’s: cut, color, carat and clarity. These correspond to not just clarity and color, but to dimension, weight and depth as well.
  2. The most popular cuts of diamonds, especially on engagement diamond rings, beside round diamond are the princess cut, oval cut and cushion cut.
  3. Diamond carat refers to the stone’s weight. Gold carat refers to the metal’s purity. A one-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. Gem dealers back in the day used carob beans in the balance of their scales. It is because carob beans all have the same weight. ‘Carob’ later on became carat.
  4. Diamonds are appraised when they are loose and not yet mounted on jewelry.
  5. It is a misinformation that our favorite precious stone is the hardest substance on the planet. They will shatter into pieces when hit hard enough by a hammer. There are three substances – namely Rhenium Diboride, Ultrahard Fullerite and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods – that can scratch diamonds. The proper title for diamonds is ‘the hardest naturally occurring mineral on the planet.’
  6. Many people think that diamonds form from coal. This is actually a common misconception, although many schools and science classes continue to explain this as the diamond formation process. Volcanoes bring diamonds to surface after they are formed deep beneath the earth. They are naturally formed through different processes, but coal rarely has anything to do with them. In fact, many diamonds date back before the formation of coal.
  7. There is a star in the sky that is actually one humongous diamond. Astronomers named it after the Beatles’ song ‘Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds.’ The star located in the Centaurus constellation of the Milky Way is made of crystallized carbon. It would probably be appraised as 10 billion or several trillion trillion carats!
  8. The biggest diamond ever found was discovered in South Africa in 1905. It was given to King Edward of England and it weighed 1.33 pounds. That is 3,106 carats. They were cut into nine smaller diamonds and set along with other stones on the crown jewels of England.
  9. Diamonds aren’t always colorless. They actually come in different colors. White or clear diamonds are only what we are familiar with.


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4 Priceless Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Looking for gifts to give to your most loved one? We’ve got some ideas to recommend. Whether it’s for your mom, your sister, girlfriend, wife or best friend – the finest jewelry is always a hit.

A pair or a piece of jewelry is a memorable and lasting gift to show how much you care for the person who receives it. Say thank you for the love and affection you’ve received from your special someone this Thanksgiving through beautiful jewelry.

Jewelry with diamonds or gemstones, set in gold or silver are always fashionable and trendy. Choose from classic to bold designs that will fit your budget but will still convey how much the receiver means to you.

Since we’re also one month away from the season of giving, it’s high time you make up your mind about what priceless gift you can give your loved ones.

Here are four gift ideas for you loved ones this Thanksgiving and Christmas :

Diamond Earrings

Give her a diamond to convey your sentiments and emotion.

You can never go wrong when giving a pair of diamond earrings to your loved ones. We recommend that you choose a pair with a design that reflects the receiver’s personality. You can choose classic diamond stud earrings for those with simplistic taste or diamond hoop earrings for someone who is more trendy and fashionable.

For your wife or special someone, she deserves a gift equally special. A pair earrings with a solitaire diamond is perfect for her.


Engagement Ring or Diamond Ring

A promise of love and loyalty is the best gift anyone can receive. What better time to propose marriage to the woman you love than this Thanksgiving and holiday season?

We’ve got the finest diamond rings for sale that will make Thanksgiving extra special and memorable. Get the best prices on wholesale engagement rings Dallas through Sparkling Diamonds and Gems.


Pendants and Necklaces

Gems and colored diamonds adorning a necklace or pendant is a stunning gift for your loved one. It will be a gift so special the receiver will cherish it for a long, long time.

This year’s Thanksgiving will never be forgotten if you give her a beautifully designed necklace with a pendant decorated with diamonds or gemstones set in 18k gold.


Bracelet for Mom and Tie Tack for Dad

Get your mom a diamond bracelet with diamonds set in gold or silver. A Diamond Bracelet never gets outdated, the more intricately designed it is, the better.

Don’t leave Dad out of your gift list. A fine jewelry he will appreciate is an elegant tie tack. Get him a one-of-a-kind diamond tie tack in gold or sterling silver.

To say that your parents will be impressed is an understatement.

The Finest Jewelry at the Best Prices

Check out our beautifully designed jewelry and choose the best priceless gifts for your loved ones from our collection.

As Diamond importers, we offer wholesale diamonds much cheaper than department stores. This Thanksgiving, we have the best deals and offers for our Black Friday sale. Be sure to browse through our collection of elegant, classic, modern and custom-designed jewelry. We offer diamond rings, engagement ring, pendants, earrings and more at the best prices.


How to find a quality engagement ring?

Finding the perfect engagement ring will make your big moment even more memorable. By following this diamond-buying guide, you have the best chance of buying the right ring for your future bride.

Of course, nothing says it better than a diamond. All the other factors surrounding your choice, whether you prefer colored diamonds or loose diamonds, would depend on your taste and how you think she may want her ring.

So let’s explore this jewelry guide and find out how to find a quality engagement ring.

Find the Right Shape
When it comes to engagement rings, what matters most is the shape. Yes, even more than the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. Make sure that you know what shape your future fiancée would like.

To make sure that you buy a quality engagement ring, you need to choose the right settings. A classic round diamond would look more modern and elegant in a bezel setting. While a trendy oval diamond would have a more traditional look in a prong setting. It’s about making the right combination of shape and setting.

The 4 C’s
The 4 C’s as mentioned above are very important when choosing loose diamonds and engagement rings. First, ensure that the clarity grade is as blemish free as possible, as determined by your budget. The color of the diamond also determines its rarity and changes the cost. An entirely colorless diamond costs a lot more than those with a slight tint of yellow. You can adjust these factors to fit your budget. Same goes with the carat size and diamond cuts.

The Band
Now you have to decide on the band and its finishing. Platinum is one that is truly built to last because it is much harder than gold. If you think that your future fiancée is not a fan of platinum, you can opt for a gold band with additional platinum claws to maximize its strength. You can choose from different finishing like satin, brushed, hammered, or rippled depending on your style.

As a final tip, it’s always a good idea to buy from wholesalers because the selling price is much less than those at department stores. We are the best in DFW Texas that directly imports diamonds so you are buying from the first end. You can trust that we have the best Dallas diamonds.

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