Diamond Engagement Ring and Its Care

If you think diamond engagement rings are indestructible, think again. Diamonds are forever, but engagement rings are not. They are prone to damages like bending, stretching of bands, and scratches.

But how can you take good care of your diamond engagement ring?

The key is to treat your engagement ring like a woman –– a queen. Treat your diamond engagement ring as for how you want your significant other to treat you.

Handle her with care

Your ring can be very fragile. Unwanted pressure can distort her beauty. So touch her carefully and sparingly. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamonds naturally attract grease. The grease or oil from your hand can easily adhere to its surface and make the diamond look dull.

Giver her space

 You are not required to wear your engagement ring all the time. Remove her from your finger if, for example, you need to go to bed, take a shower, or do “dirty stuff” like gardening. Remove it also if you want to join vigorous sports like rock climbing, volleyball, and boxing.

Set her apart

She is one of a kind and that is why she is worthy of a special treatment. If you need to store your diamond engagement ring for some time, don’t keep her together with your other jewelry –– be they diamonds, too, or not. We advise women to keep their diamond engagement ring in an individual pouch, in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in its original jewelry box.

Regularly check on her

 Groom her regularly. And when you do, avoid using harmful solutions such as chlorine bleach or abrasives. Instead, use mild soaps or ammonia diluted in water. If you feel like you need to brush it to remove the impurities, use only soft-bristled toothbrushes. Although the brush cannot harm your diamond (because diamond can only be cut by another diamond), it can cause scratches on the metal that holds it.

Further, check on her from time to time to see if there are any signs of prong loosening or damage. Consult an expert if you think the stones are not securely mounted.

But prevention is always better than cure

 Like women, if the diamond engagement ring is thoughtfully conceived, you will not be so much worried about its health. This is why you should buy only from the vendor who sells wholesale diamond ringsand can provide you relatively cheaper but more durable rings. If you are in Texas, buy only from a shop that is top in Dallas TX engagement rings so you can get the best Texas engagement rings.

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