Which Ring Goes on First? Your Wedding Ring or Engagement Ring?

There are many important milestones in anyone’s life. Two of them are engagements and weddings.

Most women will receive an engagement ring and a wedding ring. These two rings uphold not only the promise between a couple, but important traditions of our society.

When wearing the rings, there are many who ask this question – which ring goes in your finger first? The engagement ring or the wedding ring?

The Rings and Tradition

You first receive the engagement ring as a promise of marriage. The wedding ring is received during the wedding ceremony as an actualization of the promise.

But when putting it on, after both traditional milestones have been completed, the order in which you arrange the rings on your finger can be confusing. Some women may choose to overlook what customary practices dictate, but to some, it is important to follow traditions down to the letter.

Here are some traditional practices:

  • Wedding Day – the bride is supposed to move the engagement ring on the ring (third) finger of the right hand. The wedding ring will then be placed on the third finger of the left hand during the ceremony. This tradition dates back to ancient Egypt and they believed that the vein in that finger is connected directly to the heart.
  • Traditions related to wearing the Engagement Ring – after the wedding day, the engagement ring is supposed to be moved back to the ring finger of the left hand after the wedding band which is supposed to remain closest to the heart.
  • Some couples choose to weld the rings together.
  • Some women remove the engagement ring altogether and wears the wedding band in the third finger of the left hand.

Should You Remain Traditional or Consider Modern Practices

If you want to follow customs and traditions that’s totally fine. Of you want to ignore customary practice, that’s totally fine as well.

What is important is that the rings, no matter where they are placed, remind the wearer of the commitment she entered with the man she swore to love for the rest of her life.

The rings should be comfortable and sized properly.

These rings, both engagement and wedding rings, should be treated with care and respect. They are after all, symbols of a lifelong commitment and love.

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Engagement Rings

Traditional engagement rings feature a diamond setting. Nowadays, gems are acceptable on an engagement ring. There is no specific guideline to follow when choosing a particular engagement ring. Ideally, it’s the thought that matters, it’s the promise that should be first considered, but we also want to impress the woman we propose to. That is why we consider so many facets of an engagement ring.

Wedding Bands

Back in the day, custom dictates that the bride and groom should have matching wedding bands. Same material and same design.

But there are many trailblazing couples who are choosing to customize their wedding rings.

From the traditional gold wedding bands to platinum to having jeweler design specific women diamond wedding bands, the options are endless.

In a nutshell, there are no set rules that define what a ring should be made of, how it should look or in what order you should wear them. It is the couples’ choice to either stick with tradition or change things up a bit.



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