9 Fascinating Trivia about Diamonds

Loose diamonds or those set diamond rings, gemstone diamonds or the precious stones, as we like to call it, are an item in the market whose value and demand never wane. Despite financial crisis here and there, fancy diamonds and diamonds seem to always be a best-selling item for both men and women.

We mentioned loose diamonds, so we might as well explain what it means.

When someone says ‘loose diamonds,’ they are referring to cut and polished diamonds. They are what rough diamonds turn into when they are about to set in a ring, earring, bracelet or any piece of jewelry.

There are folks who buy loose wholesale diamonds in Dallas because they treat them as investment.

So what makes a diamond so special?

Here are some fascinating trivia about the precious stone:

  1. Diamonds are graded according to 4 C’s: cut, color, carat and clarity. These correspond to not just clarity and color, but to dimension, weight and depth as well.
  2. The most popular cuts of diamonds, especially on engagement diamond rings, beside round diamond are the princess cut, oval cut and cushion cut.
  3. Diamond carat refers to the stone’s weight. Gold carat refers to the metal’s purity. A one-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. Gem dealers back in the day used carob beans in the balance of their scales. It is because carob beans all have the same weight. ‘Carob’ later on became carat.
  4. Diamonds are appraised when they are loose and not yet mounted on jewelry.
  5. It is a misinformation that our favorite precious stone is the hardest substance on the planet. They will shatter into pieces when hit hard enough by a hammer. There are three substances – namely Rhenium Diboride, Ultrahard Fullerite and Aggregated Diamond Nanorods – that can scratch diamonds. The proper title for diamonds is ‘the hardest naturally occurring mineral on the planet.’
  6. Many people think that diamonds form from coal. This is actually a common misconception, although many schools and science classes continue to explain this as the diamond formation process. Volcanoes bring diamonds to surface after they are formed deep beneath the earth. They are naturally formed through different processes, but coal rarely has anything to do with them. In fact, many diamonds date back before the formation of coal.
  7. There is a star in the sky that is actually one humongous diamond. Astronomers named it after the Beatles’ song ‘Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds.’ The star located in the Centaurus constellation of the Milky Way is made of crystallized carbon. It would probably be appraised as 10 billion or several trillion trillion carats!
  8. The biggest diamond ever found was discovered in South Africa in 1905. It was given to King Edward of England and it weighed 1.33 pounds. That is 3,106 carats. They were cut into nine smaller diamonds and set along with other stones on the crown jewels of England.
  9. Diamonds aren’t always colorless. They actually come in different colors. White or clear diamonds are only what we are familiar with.


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