How to find a quality engagement ring?

Finding the perfect engagement ring will make your big moment even more memorable. By following this diamond-buying guide, you have the best chance of buying the right ring for your future bride.

Of course, nothing says it better than a diamond. All the other factors surrounding your choice, whether you prefer colored diamonds or loose diamonds, would depend on your taste and how you think she may want her ring.

So let’s explore this jewelry guide and find out how to find a quality engagement ring.

Find the Right Shape
When it comes to engagement rings, what matters most is the shape. Yes, even more than the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. Make sure that you know what shape your future fiancée would like.

To make sure that you buy a quality engagement ring, you need to choose the right settings. A classic round diamond would look more modern and elegant in a bezel setting. While a trendy oval diamond would have a more traditional look in a prong setting. It’s about making the right combination of shape and setting.

The 4 C’s
The 4 C’s as mentioned above are very important when choosing loose diamonds and engagement rings. First, ensure that the clarity grade is as blemish free as possible, as determined by your budget. The color of the diamond also determines its rarity and changes the cost. An entirely colorless diamond costs a lot more than those with a slight tint of yellow. You can adjust these factors to fit your budget. Same goes with the carat size and diamond cuts.

The Band
Now you have to decide on the band and its finishing. Platinum is one that is truly built to last because it is much harder than gold. If you think that your future fiancée is not a fan of platinum, you can opt for a gold band with additional platinum claws to maximize its strength. You can choose from different finishing like satin, brushed, hammered, or rippled depending on your style.

As a final tip, it’s always a good idea to buy from wholesalers because the selling price is much less than those at department stores. We are the best in DFW Texas that directly imports diamonds so you are buying from the first end. You can trust that we have the best Dallas diamonds.

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