How to Choose and Where to Buy Dallas Loose Diamonds

A diamond ring is a popular gift to mark a momentous occasion in your life.  It reveals your outward expression of love and says much about what you mean for each other.  Engagements and weddings are only two of the events you celebrate with diamonds. However, for the best results, you should buy wholesale diamonds online to get quality diamonds with the mark of excellence (4Cs) that we will discuss later.

How to Choose loose  Diamonds?

You must understand what you are spending on because diamonds are priced and appraised based on the 4Cs. Before you buy diamonds, you need to understand such factors that will affect the value for your purchase.  Check out the following on how to find and what the best place to buy diamonds is.

What are the 4Cs?

Four c’s of diamonds Jewelers use this language to determine the quality of the diamond and describe its characteristics.  Price is tied to its quality.


Cheap diamond rings are under carat weights, such as 1 ct. ½ c or ¾ ct.  They fall shy of the popular weight, and they are sold at lower prices versus full-weighted diamonds.  For instance, a 1.00 ct diamond cost higher than the 0.90 ct diamond.

However, it can be hard to make a distinction because they may have the same diameter and visual size. Most popular weights for diamonds are either 1.00 or 2.00 ct.  If you require a more affordable diamond, you may want to consider 0.75 ct but with a marquise cut.


This is another important factor before picking the diamond ring designs. Know that diamonds are created under heat and pressure. Almost all of them have their external and internal characteristics that only a well-trained and expert jeweler or gemologist can help using magnification.


When buying loose diamonds for sale, you must check on the color.  Distinctions can be tricky and only visible for the trained professionals.

As a rule, color differences directly affect the price. For example, colorless ones are highly valued but very rare; thus, they are very expensive.


Before you buy wedding rings online, take note of the ‘cut referring to the gem’s angles and proportions as they relate to the light.  There are several things affecting its cut grade, such as artisan ship, design and face-up appearance.

Choose a trained and expert jeweler that is credentialed and with a solid background in the industry. Pick one affiliated with jewelry groups and professional associations, too.

In addition, you may consider buying a loose diamond and deciding on the design and mounting with your special someone later.  Before having it mounted, you should have it graded first.

Where and Why Buy Wholesale Diamonds Online in Dallas

Wholesale engagement rings are a serious investment. Diamonds are, too.  That is why it matters to find the experts in diamond engagement rings and diamonds.

  • Location: Pick an expert based in Texas, such as Sparkling Diamonds and Gems that is open to serve you in our Dallas location.
  • Large inventory: One of the main benefits of dealing with an expert in diamonds is that they have a large selection regarding diamond carat sizes, grades and shapes.
  • Designs: Choosing us, you’ll have the chance to select the right engagement ring to fit not only your budget but also design preferences. Our team can work on different designs from simple to intricate.

We also have globally sourced designs to choose from so that you can find that perfect diamond and engagement/wedding rings to express your undying love. Let us help you celebrate an important milestone or event in your life with a high-quality diamond ring.

  • Wholesale diamond prices: Sparkling Diamonds & Gems offer the most competitive prices around without compromising the quality. We’ll help you get the right diamond at the best prices you can afford.
  • Wide range of products and services: Choose from more than 1,000 engagement and wedding rings, pick the best design or upgrade a diamond ring with us.

Now that you know how to choose and where to buy diamonds in Dallas, you can finally celebrate the important moment in your life and cherish it for a lifetime.

If you need help in finding the perfect diamond with the best design to suit your budget and style, let your friends at Sparkling Diamonds & Gems help. We guarantee products at wholesale prices and services for your ultimate satisfaction.

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Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Wedding Rings

Before you make the big purchase, you better know all that there is to know about engagement rings and wedding rings. These two jewelries are important and carry a meaning that is deep and an unbreakable promise.

Difference between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring

hands-3132442There is a big difference between engagement rings and wedding rings. Some consider them the same thing, but they are in fact very different.

An engagement ring is given to the person you propose to or promise marriage to. The wedding ring is given to both during a wedding ceremony. Both are important pieces of jewelry that require time and effort to choose and purchase.

Buying wedding rings for sale does not mean you value your commitment any less, but it does have to be special, not always expensive.

There is a big pressure in choosing the perfect engagement ring settings. You are after all proposing with it and usually under a surprise setting. You want your future wife to feel she is loved enough to be worthy of such a precious piece of jewelry. Usually, the woman does not have a part in choosing the engagement ring, but there are some couples who decide on this together.

Wedding rings on the other hand are definitely a couple’s decision. You and your future wife can choose the design, setting and other details together.

What Makes the Perfect Wedding Ring

hands-587779 (1)

Traditionally, wedding rings are bands made of gold with an inscription inside. Nowadays we have diamond wedding rings with their own intricate designs that often compliment the engagement ring.

The perfect wedding ring is a matter of taste. It could be plain, with diamonds, classic or modern. The wedding itself will be expensive, so you have to consider your budget for the wedding ring sets and even the engagement ring carefully.

If you are asking if there are cheap, engagement rings near me and live in Dallas, the answer is yes.

Buy Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings at Sparkling and Gems

Whether you are looking for cheap wedding rings or the best wedding rings, you have come to the right place.

Sparkling Diamonds and Gems has couples in Dallas and the state of Texas covered with the best deals on diamonds, engagement rings and wedding rings.

We are the best place to buy wedding rings because we own a diamond mine, cut and manufacture diamonds ourselves – leaving out intermediaries in the process. That is why we have cheap diamond wedding rings compared to other wedding ring stores.

We are the first end of diamonds, as we have our own source; we can sell diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings at wholesale prices.

In addition, since we are composed of highly skilled and experienced jewelry designers, we also make rings with various designs and settings for you to choose from.

As diamond experts, we can make custom wedding rings from your own design suggestions. We can also recommend diamonds of various cuts, color, clarity and carat that can save you money while retaining elegance and brilliance of the diamond. We will work on your custom ring together to get you exactly what you want.

The best part is, we offer custom rings to our Dallas customers at very affordable wholesale prices.

We have over a thousand discount wedding rings and engagement rings for you to choose from. We are sure to please brides with special and distinct tastes and offer you the best wedding rings for sale.

You and your partner might choose to wear your wedding rings every day, for the rest of your lives, you must be able to choose an appropriate wedding rings sets you’ll be proud and yet comfortable to be wearing.

Jewelry Gift? Here’s Our valentine favorites

The valentines day is just around the corner. This occasion is one best opportunity to tell your loved ones how much you appreciate them in your life. But with a ton of gift ideas to choose from, what present can best tell them that this season will never be the same without them?

You can never go wrong with jewelry. But it should be extraordinary enough to dazzle your loved ones.

We list our holiday season favorites to give you great jewelry gift ideas.

Personalized jewelry

If the persons you want to surprise are millennial, surely they will love to receive a personalized gift. According to experts, millennials love personalization. They want things that are custom-made for them.

Enchant your millennial loved ones with a personalized jewelry. Engrave their name or initials on it or think about what they love and embed it in it. A jewelry with their favorite gem, birthstone, or both will surely dazzle them, too. Give them, for example, a two-stoned bracelet glamorized even more with ruby and diamond.

Themed pendants

Even fellows would love to receive themed a diamond heart shape pendants. Who will not wish for a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter themed pendant? What about Avengers, X-men, or an icon of his favorite sports or athlete? Fellas, on the other hand, will surely appreciate it if you give them themed pendants that display their interests or hobbies. To make it more dazzling, add some precious stones like diamonds.

Pop the question’ and bridal jewelry

You can make the valentine day extra special and memorable for your loved one by popping the question with a diamond engagement ring. Diamond jewelry can also be a great present for those who are tying the knot this valentine season. To personalize it, buy loose diamonds in Dallas, Texas and have it designed and custom-made by experts. The bride would love to receive a bridal jewelry custom-made to highlight her personality. Or if you are the bride, thank your maid-of-honor with a personalized bangle enhanced with Dallas diamonds.

Take advantage of this season because you can get relatively cheap diamond jewelry through holiday discounts, promos, and special offers. Why not opt for a discounted jewelry? In the end, it is still the thought that counts. You can either do online jewelry shopping or drop by at a physical store. But if you want to save more, opt for wholesale prices, which you can only get form a true diamond wholesaler.

Preparing for your Valentine’s Day Proposal with the Best Engagement Ring

Apparently, most proposals happen from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. If you are planning to propose to your loved one on February 14th, you should have been saving up for one of the best engagement rings Dallas months before.

Before heading out to the nearest engagement ring stores, you should have covered all the bases involved in buying the perfect engagement ring.

Diamond Rings Dallas,Dallas Loose Diamonds,Princess Cut Engagement Rings Pear Shape Engagement Rings Cushion Cut Engagement Ring Oval Engagement ring Emerald Engagement Rings Round Brilliant Engagement Rings Heart Engagement Ring Three Stone Engagement Rings

Before You Buy Engagement Ring

Consider the following tips before buying the best diamonds engagement rings Dallas:

  • Plan your big purchase. Consider your other expenses, time frame needed to save for a ring and so on.
  • Either you save up for the best diamond rings or use existing savings for it.
  • Figure out your girlfriend’s taste in jewelry for the engagement ring setting she’ll appreciate.
  • The ring size is also important. Getting the right fit lessens the hassle of getting a ring resized.
  • Check out the best diamonds engagement rings deals you might be able to avail of.
  • Start reading up on the 4C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat. There are ways you can save when buying diamonds, especially if you understand the 4Cs.
  • Other C’s you might want to keep in mind are – cost and certification. It is advisable to stick to your budget and do not go overboard. Remember, an engagement ring means a promise of marriage. Weddings are expensive as well, so better keep your expenditures in check.
  • Diamonds certified by GIA or Gemological Institute of America are popular and guaranteed. The color, cut, clarity, carat, polish and dimensions of the diamond is correct and true if there is a GIA certificate. They do cost a little more, but it helps keep your purchase safe.

The Best Place to Get an Engagement Ring

The best way to buy an engagement ring is buying it at as a loose diamond at a store near you. Choosing the perfect ring to promise marriage to the woman you love will be much easier when it is bought at a jewelry store near you.

Not only does care and cleaning of any jewelry easier when the jewelry store is nearby, it also answers the trust aspect. Naturally, buying any kind of jewelry involves a high level of trust between the seller and buyer. It is better to trust local businesses that remember your first name than big shops who don’t bother to know their customers and community.

Local jewelry stores also help in avoiding mass produced rings with similar designs and details. If you want something unique, either have the ring custom-made for you or choose a unique design only found in your independent local diamond store.

If you are in the DFW area, you are in luck. There is a jewelry store named  Sparkling Diamonds and Gems that is composed of diamond experts and the best engagement rings designers in the State of Texas.

They offer wholesale engagement rings in various designs and settings. You can also choose from their extensive collection of affordable engagement rings that will surely suit any budget.

Sparkling Diamonds and Gems also offer loose diamonds in all sizes shapes and grades. You can have an engagement ring custom designed for your girlfriend.

In a Nutshell

It will be hard to find the perfect ring if you are following set rules you read online or in magazines. There is no cookie-cutter for engagement rings because the woman you love is unique and special.

Many are opting to have custom designed engagement rings and start by buying loose diamonds instead of a pre-designed diamond ring.

Understanding the entire process of buying an engagement ring makes the whole experience pleasant and cost-effective.


Diamond Engagement Ring and Its Care

If you think diamond engagement rings are indestructible, think again. Diamonds are forever, but engagement rings are not. They are prone to damages like bending, stretching of bands, and scratches.

But how can you take good care of your diamond engagement ring?

The key is to treat your engagement ring like a woman –– a queen. Treat your diamond engagement ring as for how you want your significant other to treat you.

Handle her with care

Your ring can be very fragile. Unwanted pressure can distort her beauty. So touch her carefully and sparingly. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamonds naturally attract grease. The grease or oil from your hand can easily adhere to its surface and make the diamond look dull.

Giver her space

 You are not required to wear your engagement ring all the time. Remove her from your finger if, for example, you need to go to bed, take a shower, or do “dirty stuff” like gardening. Remove it also if you want to join vigorous sports like rock climbing, volleyball, and boxing.

Set her apart

She is one of a kind and that is why she is worthy of a special treatment. If you need to store your diamond engagement ring for some time, don’t keep her together with your other jewelry –– be they diamonds, too, or not. We advise women to keep their diamond engagement ring in an individual pouch, in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in its original jewelry box.

Regularly check on her

 Groom her regularly. And when you do, avoid using harmful solutions such as chlorine bleach or abrasives. Instead, use mild soaps or ammonia diluted in water. If you feel like you need to brush it to remove the impurities, use only soft-bristled toothbrushes. Although the brush cannot harm your diamond (because diamond can only be cut by another diamond), it can cause scratches on the metal that holds it.

Further, check on her from time to time to see if there are any signs of prong loosening or damage. Consult an expert if you think the stones are not securely mounted.

But prevention is always better than cure

 Like women, if the diamond engagement ring is thoughtfully conceived, you will not be so much worried about its health. This is why you should buy only from the vendor who sells wholesale diamond ringsand can provide you relatively cheaper but more durable rings. If you are in Texas, buy only from a shop that is top in Dallas TX engagement rings so you can get the best Texas engagement rings.

We offer  cleaning/polishing  your engagement ring or any jewelry, &jewelry appraisals  call us at 214-566-1877

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